as time goes by.....    July 12 2020
Here we are in July and the pandemic has been surging. We have taken it very seriously and continue to self-isolate....which means more time in the studio.I feel very fortunate that I am able to stay home and do what I love most, create art. My Etsy store business has been very busy and I find that my only outing is to UPS to ship off pieces.I am so very grateful for the continued support of my art. I am continuing my series of pandemic related artwork and have done a few pieces that speak to the social justice movement including a piece I just added to my Art gallery page called, The Tarot Card-Justice inspired by a vintage tarot deck. In keeping up with the times, I have a couple of Zoom meet-ups, tomorrow will be a demo and talk for the wonderful organization called Piece by Piece in Los Angeles. A little later this month I will be doing a demo for the Connecticut Polymer Clay Guild. I also have a new online class that is available through Create Arts Online. I hope that everyone continues to stay safe, wearing those masks! I know that it is a very difficult time for so many and my heart goes out to those people struggling.....I hope that we get a handle on the coronavirus very soon....

As the months go by....    June 07 2020
It truly feels like a time warp. I can't believe we are already into June and I think this is the case because I am very happy staying home in my studio creating art because as they say, "time is meaningless in the face of creativity". As I mentioned previously, I began a Pandemic series of artwork because it just felt right to speak to what we were collectively going through. With the recent civil unrest, I am feeling the same way, though not exactly sure how this will be translated into art at this point. I still believe these challenging times will be a period of great reflection and change for the better. Pop Gallery in Santa Fe recently opened again so I will be sending some more work their way. I also have recently updated my Etsy store with new pieces. Please Stay Well.....

During the Pandemic    April 21 2020
A month has passed since my last post and with it the continued "shelter in place" order. It has been an awful month with coronavirus deaths escalating around the world. One upside to this very unsettling time, is the "free" time in my studio. The stay at home order has forced the cancellation of all my teaching engagements for the year and I must say it is nice to create just for the sake of creating. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into the teaching side of my business like creating new class content, class samples, resource and technique guides just to name a few. So during this "pause" I have had the unique opportunity to work on a body of work influenced by the pandemic (featured on Polymer Clay Daily today). It has been very cathartic and helps keep my mind focused on things other than the grim news that permeates the airways. I hope you are all staying well, staying home....and creating!

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