Happy 4th    July 02 2017
Just returned from a month long trip to Europe. It was wonderful seeing so many inspiring pieces of art that we hadn't seen before including two versions of Fra Angelico's Annunciation, one of my favorite religious paintings. We also took in amazing architecture including Palladio's Rotunda in Vicenza. Now that I am back in my studio, I am preparing for a busy summer that includes teaching on an Alaska bound cruise ship! Should be a very unique experience and one that I am looking forward to. That is closely followed by Art Unraveled in Phoenix, yes, blazing hot in August but still a great event! Then I am off to Canada to teach in Elitia Hart's studio in Calgary. Lots to keep me busy and traveling this summer, that's for sure. Wishing you all a very happy Independence Day!

Hope Springs Eternal    April 24 2017
Spring is always a super busy time around my studio. It seems as if most teaching engagements happen in the spring and fall. I recently returned from teaching at Art is you in Santa Rosa. It was great to combine a little wine/beer tasting along with teaching and vending. Thanks to all who joined me up north. Saturday night I attended the auction in Fullerton to benefit arts education in their public schools. My large polymer heart sold for 2000.00, all of which went to the program. That really warmed my heart and I am honored to have helped their worthy cause. Future news: Still room on the cruise to Alaska to clay and cruise. Check my workshop listings for more info. Also Art Unraveled just recently opened for registration. I will be team teaching our Sacred Tomes class with Katherine England! I also will be teaching a couple other fun classes called Bird in the Hand and Artful Objects II. Hope to see you somewhere on the trail!

A new year.....    February 14 2017
Can't believe we are now well into 2017....so much happening in the world, it makes one's head spin. During times of turmoil, one is reminded of the healing power of art. I feel so fortunate to have a creative respite, my studio is my sanctuary. I began the year teaching a workshop at Katherine England's studio. The workshop called, Gothic Tomes was a huge success and sold out quickly. While at Katherine's studio, I agreed to do a large plaster heart as part of a fundraiser for the Fullerton school district. This heart, that measures 20 inches tall will be up for auction in April. It was a fun and challenging project that allowed me to stretch (literally) the art of polymer clay! As we head into spring, my schedule becomes pretty busy with lots of travel. I will be doing my second home/boutique workshop (sold out) at the end of March. I recently added a three-day home workshop for early October. Please contact me if you would like more info about that. I should have made a New Year's resolution about being more consistent about updating my website every month! I will try to do better!

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