Fall update    October 15 2021
The months just pass so quickly, here we are heading into the holiday season once again. I just recently conducted my first two boutique home workshops that had been postponed from early 2020 due to covid. I decided to do both workshops back to back and really liked how that worked out, so going forward that is what I will be doing. The student's work in both classes, Illuminated Triptychs and Hand of Mysteries was excellent. It was so fun to gather in person outside. My next two classes will be in March of 2022. Please email me for more information if you are interested. On the studio front, I have been very busy working on some larger pieces that have taken me down a different path. I am using collage techniques to create a background and then doing a process I call clay applique to add pieces of polymer clay to it. I have so many ideas using this technique and can't wait to have a bit more time to explore. We would have been leaving next week for what would have been the 10th anniversary of our retreat in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. But once again we had to cancel due to covid concerns. We are planning on returning for Day of the Dead in 2022! Stay well and Happy Halloween greetings!

Summertime 21    June 28 2021
As we roll into the summer (a hot one indeed), our lives have resumed a somewhat new normal pace. The quiet days of last year have been replaced by a frenetic schedule of road trips and socializing. While I am finding it harder to carve out time in my studio, it is so nice to be at a place where we can be with family and friends and hopefully travel abroad one day in the near future. I finished shooting a new online class called, Wall Dolls in Polymer Clay. This is a fun, figurative approach to creating in polymer. This class will be launched in mid-July through Create Arts Online. They do a super job of producing first rate instructional videos and I am so happy to be working with them. I also have a Stencil Girl blog post being released on using my sacred heart stencils to create beautiful collaged cards. Making your own cards really saves money and adds a nice personal touch that the receiver will be delighted with. This blog post will be released on July 9th at Stencil Girl Products.com. I hope everyone is staying well and enjoying the lazy days of summer! Happy Independence Day to all.

As the world turns....    March 25 2021
It is hard to believe that nearly six months has passed since I last updated this page. It has been a time warp for sure as we have all been sequestered in our homes. This past year has led to an entire body of work called "During the Pandemic". Creating these Covid-related pieces has been a way for me to process the events of last year. My Etsy shop has been very busy and for that I am eternally grateful since ALL of my teaching engagements were canceled last year and for most of this year as well. I know after this "pause" that I will not be teaching nearly as much as in previous years. I have enjoyed the quiet pace of spending time in my studio and have enjoyed being unencumbered from the pressures of teaching and being on the road as much as I was. I, like my others, have reevaluated my goals and feel like this is the right move for myself going forward. I will focus on getting another online class up and running this summer and will still continue doing my boutique/home workshops. Mostly, I look forward to the process of creating art. Hope you are all staying well. Here's to the vaccination roll-out and to our lives resuming some form of normalcy.

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