A day in the OC!

A few friends and I took a little field trip today up to Orange County to go “glass shopping”! First stop was at our art buddy, Katherine England’s home and studio. For anyone who has ever taken a class with Katherine, you know that she is a whirling dervish of creative energy….just being around her makes the creative juices start flowing! Today was no exception as the first step on to her property makes you realize you’re not in Kansas (well, Fullerton) anymore! Fullerton was recently named the “most UN-orange county city” and I am pretty sure they can singlehandedly thank Katherine England for that proclamation!! Here are a few shots of her…. yes, purple home!IMG_3807IMG_3808IMG_3833

our little field trip group!

our little field trip group!

As whimsical and bright as the exterior is, the interior is just as lively with a definite James Ensor-esque feel with Katherine’s collections and oddities adorning the walls and furniture.IMG_3803IMG_3844IMG_3802IMG_3846Katherine does amazing work in just about every medium possible…..she is not limited to any particular style and is a mixed media dabbler extraordinaire! The skull above is hers as is the monkey!

IMG_3800 (1)It is always such fun to visits artist’s homes and studios because one really gets a feel for their aesthetic by the work they collect and the work that they do.

Katherine's beaded mosaic turtle.

Katherine’s beaded mosaic turtle.

And just look at this very cool chandelier…..IMG_3842Wandering around from room to room, one really gets to know who Katherine is by her very eclectic surroundings. IMG_3843IMG_3847IMG_3845IMG_3840If one were to enter her studio from the street, you would know you were entering a very special creative space!IMG_3816IMG_3815Even the pavement heading into her studio is artful!IMG_3817IMG_3814And once inside her garage/studio, it is easy to see where the magic happens. Aside from all of the community projects that Katherine tackles, ( today she was headed off to teach at Piece by Piece, a non-profit organization aimed at helping formerly homeless people by teaching them mosaic skills) Katherine also teaches a variety of mosaic and journaling classes at her studio. IMG_3828

Here is some of her work:IMG_3829



And here is a mixture of both Katherine’s work, mosaics her students created and mosaics she has collected. A very inspiring and creative environment in which to learn to be sure.IMG_3818

Laurel Skye mosaic...really love this!

Laurel Skye mosaic…really love this!





Katherine, being the generous soul that she is, gave us jars to fill up with Smalti, her new passion! IMG_3834IMG_3835

Here is a pic of us and a few wonderful OC friends who also stopped by!IMG_3837Before we parted ways, Katherine gave us a little talk about stained glass to prepare us for the next stop on our itinerary.

IMG_3832And then we were off to the land of stained glass at Hollander’s in Stanton.IMG_3853

It was quite a feast for the eyes and since I really don’t use stained glass in my work, I sat back and enjoyed the tribe picking out their beautiful pieces! Can’t wait to see what they each create!IMG_3852IMG_3851

It was a super fun day….and we all decided that we need to take field trips more often!


4 thoughts on “A day in the OC!

  1. I LOVE this! What a wonderful idea. I can see where your juices were rev’d!
    So it seems that you Don’t have to go to 30 countries for months to be inspired. You can actually be right in your own backyard…:) great posting…Laura

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