A visit to Kim Emerson’s house…..

I recently had the pleasure of going by Kim Emerson’s house to see her home, her studio and the newly formed San Diego Mosaic School.

IMG_4262For anyone who might not know who Kim is, you may have seen some of her work around town! Some of her commissions in San Diego include work at Rady Children’s Hospital, the City of Carlsbad and the San Diego Port Commission to name a few.

I was delighted to hear that Kim and her husband, Dennis Reiter, have the groundwork laid for the San Diego Mosaic School at their home in the Normal Heights area of San Diego.IMG_4263

The gardens are lovely but it was a real treat to go on tour of their residence to see some of Kim’s work up close and personal. IMG_4265On the wall above, you can see a few of Kim’s mosaics including a couple of tributes to Mark Rothko….one of our favorite artists too. But the mosaic below was my favorite mosaic of the day….love Kim’s use of vibrant color and texture to create this beautiful abstract piece.

IMG_4266Each room in Kim and Dennis’ home is adorned with an eclectic mix of Kim’s work and ethnic treasures from around the world.IMG_4272

Dennis with his collection of folk masks in the kitchen.

Dennis with his collection of folk masks in the kitchen.

My husband, David, accompanied me and enjoyed visiting with Dennis who has a background in photography…. so obviously has a good design eye!



Kim’s studio was a nice space (well organized!) and very inspiring with works in progress and sketches for upcoming commissions. IMG_4273IMG_4274IMG_4269

As the tour progressed, we strolled down the long driveway to the garage area where mosaic classes are held. The driveway was lined with a rainbow of tile!!IMG_4280IMG_4277

and two huge, covered tables with what looked like the best stash ever of broken dishes, tiles, pottery and I don’t know what else…but would sure like to have had the time to have found out! A veritable treasure trove of goodies that students have access to!!!IMG_4278IMG_4279

The garage has a nice intimate feel for classes and when surrounded by such inspiring materials, it is no wonder that students have a ball creating mosaics here.IMG_4282IMG_4281


Just outside the classroom space, there are some lovely garden mosaics and a collection of tiles all adding to the charm of this location.IMG_4285IMG_4286IMG_4287IMG_4288

We had a great morning with Kim and Dennis and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for their new endeavor and for the mosaic community in San Diego as a whole. We are very fortunate indeed. Upon leaving their home, we couldn’t help but smile at this final touch near the curb when we were getting in our car.IMG_4289



6 thoughts on “A visit to Kim Emerson’s house…..

  1. Laurie – Thanks for this post. I’ve always admired Kim’s work and how exciting that we will have a school devoted to mosaics here in San Diego! Long live mosaics! Oh that’s true, they do live long, they are very permanent.

  2. Hello Laurie and thank you for sharing with us the intimate spaces of Kim’s world. Her work is beautiful and it was a real treat to visit her house and studio through your eyes. You always have nice ways to keep inspiring us to create! Thx!

  3. Wow Laurie! Thank you. What a treat. Kim’s work is fantastically inspiring and I’m thrilled to hear we now have the San Diego Mosaic School….Can’t wait to sign up for a workshop there. How could anyone resist all that beautiful tile just waiting to be worked with?

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