and aside from teaching…..

Seems as if most of my posts have been from the many workshops I have been teaching over the past few months. I do love sharing workshop pics though because of the incredibly inspiring work that is done during classes. I always learn new tricks from students and new ways of looking at things. I also was able to take a class recently which was lots of fun! I took Jen Cushman’s class at CREATE, Chicago and had so much fun learning some wire working basics. Taking a class has really become a luxury and something I truly value. Even though my work in jewelry is far different than what was being taught, I know that I will use some of the techniques someplace down the road.

beaded heart

beaded heart

Over the past couple of months, I have had my work included in three books by various artists, the most recent one being Tracy Verdugo’s book, Paint Mojo.IMG_5467I was asked to pick a certain topic and I chose to write about sources of inspiration. This was easy for me because travel has always had the greatest impact on me and often drives the direction of my work. IMG_3960The pictures included above were from our travels to Morelia, Mexico where we witnessed the incredible Monarch butterfly migration. Both of these pieces were inspired by that trip and actually include real butterfly wings in the mosaics. Another very large piece I recently finished was inspired by a trip to Plymouth Rock. IMG_5490

This piece called Hopes and Dreams is 2 x 3 feet !! That is LARGE for me. It is currently at an exhibition at Carthage College in Wisconsin. Most of the pieces were created using transfer techniques. There is a vial of soil from Plymouth Rock as well as excerpts from the Mayflower Compact.

I also wanted to share some of the other work I have been doing over the past couple of months in between all the teaching and traveling! I have been having so much fun with clay! IMG_5814IMG_5819Always fun to see the beautiful colors that are derived from scrap clay!IMG_5816I decided to utilize a skirt that I had from a class sample in this piece.IMG_5815IMG_5935I have also been totally in love with digitally altering images and using them in my collages on clay. I have very limited tools, using only the photo editing software in Pages…..very basic, but I feel like it would take another lifetime to learn Photoshop….so I am sticking with simplicity. Here is a work in progress:IMG_5957IMG_5960Decided I didn’t like this head and added a new one! Off with his head!IMG_5961This series of work was created for some Mexican nichos I bought in Santa Fe. IMG_5962IMG_5963Here are a few other centerpieces that were created with my digital collage image transfers.IMG_5971IMG_5980I wish there were more hours in a day….as I truly love working in these little nichos. Aside from these pieces, here are a few other things I have been working on including a few projects for class samples for upcoming workshops in 2015! IMG_6539IMG_6458IMG_6531IMG_6555IMG_6511IMG_6086So you can see I have been pretty busy getting ready for a few upcoming shows as well as working on smaller pieces that are more easily transported! I will be teaching in Petaluma in September and doing the vendor show there too. Then I am off to Art is You in Stamford, Ct. in early October and then down to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, for our Day of the Dead art retreat there!  So busy times ahead……

Did manage to get down to the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art for the last day of the Rufino Tamayo exhibition… Tamayo’s work….now that’s inspiring!IMG_4641IMG_6564So that’s all the news that’s fit to print from here!


20 thoughts on “and aside from teaching…..

  1. Wow Laurie! You have been a very busy girl! I always enjoy seeing your new creations and your workshops. Congratulations on the magazine articles, you are an inspiration!

  2. Hi Laurie,
    I don’t know how you did so much work with everything else you do. I love seeing your work .Im going to see if I can take oct. Workshop in Stamford. Hope I get to see you there. just finished an at home studio and looking forward to experimenting with clay in my mosaics.

    • Ahhh thanks Caren……somehow once i can actually get in my studio and spend an entire day there I can accomplish a lot! It’s just getting in there! lol
      Hope to see you in Connecticut!!!

    • Thanks Amber! I never really do transfers on paper just clay! But it is very easy, just place a laser copy face down on unbaked clay and lightly burnish. Then use water and start rubbing off the back of the paper…..keep going until you have a nice smooth image….that’s it. Then cut out and bake!Hope this helps!

  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed your work ever since I first read your book. I do my own versions but usually they end up being Mandalas. I’ve never written a fan letter before but I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate your art and that it inspires me greatly.

    I wish I could take a workshop with you but alas, I cannot travel. I wish you great success so that I can continue to enjoy your ever-evolving work.


    • Thanks so very much…..appreciate your comments….I love mandalas too and will be working on a mandala project for a friends blog in November.I will be posting in a bit about an online class that i will be teaching in 2015….maybe that will work out for you?
      Thanks again for your nice comments.
      Warm regards,

  4. Wow Laurie! It’s amazing to see your art! I love it more and more every time! I will keep following you with the hope of taking a workshop with you next year, the one about sugar skulls is a dream for me. I can’t understand how you can manage traveling, working, creating, blogging, etc. You are an amazing human being! Thx for sharing your creations with us and inspire us every time.

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