Art is You-Minneapolis!

Returned last week from teaching in Minneapolis at Art is You and had a wonderful time in this great city. My sister, Leslie, accompanied me as my trusty Sherpa while hubby David sat this one out! We spent the first day and a half exploring….IMG_4563

The very first thing we had to explore was where to eat dinner! Of course! IMG_4570


IMG_4571Very yummy Italian food…hit the spot. Next I scored the last two seats together at the famed Guthrie Theater for a performance of To kill A Mockingbird. The theater is amazing and we really enjoyed the riverfront area. Still seems so strange that it is the Mississippi River that runs through there!IMG_4574


IMG_4589Here are a few more shots of Minneapolis from the next day. The weather sure changes fast there….we went from hot and sunny to cool and rainy in a few minutes!

the new Viking Stadium....hence the ship shape!

the new Viking Stadium….hence the ship shape!

IMG_4690IMG_4714One of our favorite downtown sights….this incredible mural that was just completed in July. Hard to grasp just how huge it is!IMG_4697I am happy to report that the craft brew industry is alive and well in Minneapolis….though they really got rained on!IMG_4689 (1)IMG_4685

The next morning we headed in our first Uber ride to MIA-the Minneapolis Institute of Art and this did not disappoint and best of all it was FREE!!! ( I had been to The Walker before so didn’t hit that this time around)

IMG_4594I loved the views of the city from the windows…and the collection of art was fabulous too!IMG_4596IMG_4603IMG_4597

After the museum stop, we headed to the Global Market for an ethnic lunch and shopping.

IMG_4647The next day it was off to work! My first class was Coloring on Clay. I love this class because it is a process class where we spend all day creating super cool tiles that students can later put together to create a mosaic or anything they want! It is a very meditative class as well….just like coloring in a coloring book!

My Coloring on Clay class.

My Coloring on Clay class.

Here is a sampling of the beautiful and unique tiles that were created….IMG_4727IMG_4719IMG_4725IMG_2264IMG_4723IMG_4730IMG_4724IMG_4718IMG_4720



After class we had to make a mad dash to an art supply store to pick up some white acrylic paint. Happened on a cool little part of town where Art Materials was located. IMG_4735IMG_4734

Each morning at the retreat begins with a morning motivator session before class begins. This gets everyone up and moving and put into a creative mindset. Friday morning Rachel gave a talk about her creative journey…..notice the Kewpie doll centerpieces!


IMG_4740Friday’s class was up next and it was the first time that I taught my Embedded Tin Hearts class. These rusty ol’ hearts that I brought back from San Miguel de Allende were transformed into gorgeous, embellished jewel-like beauties!

Embedded tin hearts class photo!

Embedded tin hearts class photo!



New art buddy and old art buddy!

New art buddy and old art buddy!

Loved watching how so many personalities came out in these hearts.

While I was teaching this class, my sister, Leslie, took Sunny Carvalho’s class and look what she created….so cool! Very proud of my sis who thinks she can’t “do art” but we know better!


Friday night culminated with the always anticipated vendor show. I found quite a few jewelry goodies to embed into clay!

Tonia Jenny helping out.

Tonia Jenny helping out.

IMG_4760Jane LaFazio doing a little shopping and vending and Kari McKnight-Holbrook chit chatting in the background. Way in the background Stencil Girl was vending my border stencils amongst many others! Fun to see them officially displayed but not sure why I didn’t take any pics of that! hmmm….

Saturday brought about my Patron Saints class, probably the most challenging of the workshops that I taught and of course, it was also my largest class!

Patron Saint makers!

Patron Saint makers!






It was fun having the editor of my book, (Mixed Media Mosaics) Tonia Jenny in class and fun to see how different her aesthetic was. Nice work Tonia:


Buddies, Angela and Vernie, who were with me each day!

Buddies, Angela and Vernie, who were with me each day!


Kaaren Poole's  wonderful squirrel Patron saint ....

Kaaren Poole’s
wonderful squirrel Patron saint ….


IMG_4790IMG_4776I know that I didn’t get a shot of all of these wonderful “patron saints”…..but wonderful they were.

My last class of the retreat was Triptychs-Crafted by Hand. This is a class where we no longer need the wood triptych because instead of working on a wood base, here we create a triptych totally out of clay! Hard to tell they are all clay….they look like metal and wood. They all did beautiful work!



Super nice class of triptychs and triptych-makers!

On Sunday, the final day, Les took a class with Kim Geiser and learned how to make some lovely polymer pendants. Wish I had some pics to share but I was in the mad dash to get my room cleaned all up so the hotel could get their room back and I had a very special dinner date!! I know Les enjoyed Kim’s class and said how fun it was to learn new techniques in polymer clay…so much to know!

On our last night in Minneapolis, we met up with my long time friend and fellow mosaic artist, Sharra Frank. We had a fantastic evening catching up. She is a real dynamo in the mosaic world and teaches some incredible mosaic classes both in person and online. And she is a heck of a nice young woman who is balancing creating a thriving art business and raising a young family. Kudos to her!
IMG_4806 IMG_4812

All in all it was a super time in Minneapolis…thanks to Sal and Ellen for putting on such a nice retreat and my sister, Leslie, for all her help. But most of all, thanks to the many lovely ladies who joined me in my workshops! I so appreciate it! xoxoxo






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  1. I’m loving the clay triptych idea. I want to make more and I just stare at the wood and wonder how I’ll do it. I’ll have to talk to you about how you join them! You trips are always so FULL! I’ll bet you enjoy getting home for a little relaxation! Great report:) Laura

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