Art Unraveled 2015

Just returned from a wonderful week in Phoenix teaching at Art Unraveled. Yes, it is hot in Phoenix in August…but who goes outside anyways!?? And the room rates are much cheaper then, so it is perfect! Our first stop is always in Dateland  for “date shakes”…yum!

IMG_8104This year I was lucky enough to have “dueling” Sherpas! Both my husband and my sister were there to help at every step along the way which made my job much easier.

setting up on the first day

setting up on the first day

My first class was a new class called “Encrusted Hearts”. The inspiration for this class came from the milagro-covered hearts found in Mexico. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but  students hit it out of the park! I was thrilled to see what they came up with. Enjoy this small sampling from class.IMG_4063IMG_4060IMG_4064IMG_4067IMG_4061

I had fellow instructor Diana Frey in class and her sister! Diana created a beautiful shabby chic heart while her sister went for more of an edgy look.IMG_4056IMG_4080

I also had a couple of art buddies from New Mexico in class, art workshop coordinator, Annie Hooten and Cyndy Tagge.IMG_4053

I had full classes which I was so grateful for….and was happy to have my sister assist in all my classes when I needed her.

Les, hard at work! (creating until I needed her for something!)

Les, hard at work! (creating until I needed her for something!) She was a huge help!


My second class at Art Unraveled was a nine-hour class called Gothic Triptychs. It is a good thing we had a few more hours for this class as there was lots to get done. The first step was using “mastic” and stamping into it to create great textures for the background of the triptychs. Here is an example of some great, deep texture on the outside panel.



Another art buddy, Anne Holliday joined me in class and created a super cool and very unique octopus themed triptych!

Above is a pic of one of my favorite pairs of sisters, Caroline and Susan!IMG_4089

So many lovely pieces were created…..

It was fun seeing my new line of border stencils being used by students. They came up with some very clever ideas.


very creative, Three Kings

very creative, Three Kings


My final class was Clay on Clay Quilts. I love this class because I love seeing the beautiful quilt squares that are lovingly made. In this class, unlike my Clay Quilts class,  students created a clay layer that the quilt squares were attached to. It almost ends up looking like fabric. Again, it was fun to see some of my stencils being used on this clay base.

My stencil from Pilgrimage to the Renaissance.

My stencil from Pilgrimage to the Renaissance.


Stencil from Pilgrimage to Mexico

Stencil from Pilgrimage to Mexico


My old art buddy Pam Gemin busy creating!

My old art buddy Pam Gemin busy creating!

Here are the results of our clay quilting bee!!!IMG_4111IMG_4125IMG_4134IMG_4124IMG_4123IMG_4122IMG_4121IMG_4120IMG_4119IMG_4133IMG_4116IMG_4131IMG_4129IMG_4126IMG_4113IMG_4117IMG_4112

As you can see, it was three full days of creative bliss! I want to thank all of the students who signed up for my classes, I certainly would not be teaching without the support of so many….I am truly honored. Your work was amazing.

On the last day I took part in the annual vendor marketplace. It is the highlight of the week with incredible vendors selling an incredible variety of things. Quite a few of the instructors also vend, myself included.

IMG_4141Many thanks to retreat organizers Linda and Chuck Young……countless hours go into making this retreat the wonderful event that it is.

Not looking any worse for the wear!

Not looking any worse for the wear!

This is where having two Sherpas really paid off! Lots of schlepping! David was in charge of ringing up sales and Les did bagging! And apparently I guess I just stood around and gabbed!



Right across from us, Seth Apter was manning the Stencil Girl booth and doing a fine job at it I must say. But he got so busy that my Sherpa Leslie went over to help out for awhile!

a quiet moment adding up the sales! lol

a quiet moment adding up the sales! lol

IMG_4145Seth with Barb Solem, art retreat coordinator for Art Retreat in the Desert and a few other retreats!

Right behind us was Leighanna Light and Tom Ashman…..and Jen Cushman came by to hang out!



Right down the aisle were the dements!!!(oops, that auto-corrected from the deMengs! I kind of like the “deMents” though!!! Michael and Andrea:



It was a wonderful event…and again I would like to thank all those folks who purchased things not only from myself, but from all of the artists vending at this great marketplace. It is all of you who make Art Unraveled what it is!IMG_8123



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