Art Unraveled and other summer travels….

Yes, I have been very remiss in not posting about Art Unraveled sooner… was a scant 7 weeks ago!! But better late than never, so they say!

We began our trek to Phoenix for Art Unraveled about a week before it started because we had our French friends, Pascale (an artist friend who organized a workshop for me in Reims, France many years ago) and her husband, Patrick Chevallier visiting and wanted to show them a few sights. We started off in Vegas

Beautiful gardens at Bellagio

Beautiful gardens at Bellagio

and from there went to the Hoover Dam. Yes, boiling hot!

Mes amis, Patrick and Pascale!

Mes amis, Patrick and Pascale!

From there we headed to Prescott, Arizona and stayed with my art buddy Kat Kirby and her husband, Bill for a few days. They are such great hosts and Kat’s studio is absolutely amazing. (I taught there last February!)

IMG_5830Prescott is a great place to visit and is a fairly short drive to the Grand Canyon. Patrick and Pascale were impressed! Patrick, being the adventurer, climbed to each outcropping making Pascale more than a bit nervous! IMG_5861

Patrick is on that ledge somewhere!

Patrick is on that ledge, furthest right!

Our next stop was Phoenix and we drove through some crazy weather to get there….very exciting rain storms with flash flood warnings!IMG_5739But we made it!! My first stop was for happy hour at the Embassy suites where Art Unraveled is held. They have a great, FREE happy hour where many of the attendees can be found everyday after class!IMG_6012IMG_8537

a serious looking discussion with Michael de Meng, David, Leslie and Jennifer England!

A serious looking discussion with Michael de Meng, David, Leslie and Jennifer England!

My first official day at Art Unraveled was for the vendor show, it is always a super fun event with incredible art and supplies being sold.IMG_8440My space ended up being in the middle between Katherine England and Helen Shafer Garcia…..and ironically, we three will all be in San Miguel de Allende next month teaching at our Tesoro Del Corazon retreat. The vendor show is also a great place to see other fellow instructors and friends!

Karen O'Brien and her wonderful paintings!

Karen O’Brien and her wonderful paintings!

Karen drawing in my journal!

Karen drawing in my journal!

Pascale with Lisa Pavelka

Pascale with Lisa Pavelka (and Anne Mitchell photo bombing!)

Helen's booth

Helen’s booth

Katherine's booth

Katherine’s booth

The vendor show was followed by the Saturday evening gala…..IMG_8486

Chuck checking on all the noise coming from our table!

Chuck checking on all the noise coming from our table!

The next day was actually my first day of teaching and I started off with a bang….a 9 hour class called Journey to Jerusalem where students used a tin box as a substrate and created some beautiful, jeweled looking boxes.IMG_8515IMG_8508IMG_8497IMG_8500


I was blown away at how beautiful these book boxes turned out…….

My next class was a new class called Artful Objects where students used millions of my molds (well, not quite millions!) and made beautiful objects using polymer clay. I was thrilled with how they turned out and so were the students!IMG_8529

Jen Cushman and Barb Solem joined me!

Jen Cushman and Barb Solem joined me!


Sorry, by the time we took the picture at the very end of the day, half the class was gone!  And I don’t know what happened on the last day but my picture-taking really went downhill!  My last class was called Crowned Icons and we used wood substrates that I had custom made that include the pointed detail, crown shape at the top. Likewise, these icons were just stunning!IMG_8542IMG_8540IMG_8538IMG_8544

It was another fabulous event with many thanks to Linda and Chuck Young who organize the entire thing….no easy feat! Many thanks to everyone who came and took classes or shopped with me at the vendor show! Hope to see you next year!





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