CREATE-Chicago….well, Lisle….!

Ok, the latest teaching adventure took me to Lisle, Il. about 30 minutes from Chicago for CREATE. My first class at Create was Handmade Hamsas and Hearts. Actually I had the same line up as in New Jersey! But it is always inspiring to share pics of what folks created. (my next post will actually feature work I have been doing!!)IMG_6349IMG_6354

IMG_6353IMG_6359These were so beautiful…..the hands beat out the hearts in this class! IMG_6367IMG_6368IMG_6358IMG_6366IMG_6355IMG_6365IMG_6364IMG_6361And here is the super nice group of gals who created all these wonderful pieces.IMG_6357My next class was Clay on Clay Quilts. I was a bit nervous about how this was all going to play out, especially cooking everything at the end of class…..but it worked like a charm and almost everyone finished their quilts by the end of class. I was happy to have my sister, Leslie,with me as she was in charge of the ovens!photo 3(1) copy



So here are the beautiful clay on clay quilts!IMG_6382IMG_6378IMG_6399IMG_6380IMG_6396IMG_6379IMG_6401IMG_6376IMG_6406IMG_6394IMG_6393And a group pic of our “quilters”!IMG_6384Saturday was double duty….so my clay quilt class was followed up by a three hour evening class called Brooch the Subject. photo 4 copyphoto 1(1) copyphoto 5 copyMy Iphone ran out of space to take pics….so I don’t have many from this class….or my Sunday class which was Clay Crowns. This was a small class, only four of us….but it made for a nice way to close the event and relax. It was fun to just sit around one table and create together. IMG_6411IMG_6410IMG_6412IMG_6414IMG_6415I really love how these crowns turned out. Just beautiful jewel-like creations fit for a queen!IMG_6416Liz was a queen, she was in all of my classes and couldn’t have been nicer and more generous with her supplies, including her pasta machine which ended up getting lots of use! IMG_6422IMG_6420IMG_6418IMG_6417Thanks to all of the lovely ladies who joined me in Lisle!!! I really appreciate you signing up for my classes!


4 thoughts on “CREATE-Chicago….well, Lisle….!

  1. Laurie, you must have eaten your WHEATIES to have taught all of those classes! I know how much you put into them, and can only imagine what all goes into the classes before you ever get there. It was fun to see your sister, I’ll bet you enjoyed having her there and her help! I’m sure you made a ton of new friends who will return to take your classes many more times!
    Signed, A Convert:) xo Laura

    • Thanks for writing Laura! Yes, I have been on a teaching marathon! Next stop is Petaluma…..right next to Napa….so let’s hope the earthquakes are done for now!
      It was fun having my sister along with me!
      Hope you are well!

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful class on Saturday! My quilt is hanging on my wall and I have your book and my new craft oven ready to start experimenting at home :D I hope I’ll get to see you here again next year!

    • Hi Gwen,
      Thanks for writing! Glad to hear your quilt is hanging! That is awesome! Have fun playing with clay!
      Thanks again for being in my workshop….

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