Detroit, Part Deux

Ok, so I got a bit carried away with posting pics of everything but my actual Detroit workshop! (I am updating my blog remotely using Blogsy out in Palm Springs where it is almost 90 degrees! Talk about climate change! Lol… next blog posting will be about the La Quinta Arts festival….but I digress…..)

So back to Detroit …..

I have to share pictures of Joan's studio in the basement of her home. Wish we had basements in California! Her studio is one of the most organized studios I have seen….ever! Take a look:

Forget Munro Crafts, I wanted to go shopping in her studio! Ok, I admit it, I suffer from studio envy, not that I don't love my own studio because I do….but because I love people who can be as organized as Joan and not spend half their time looking for stuff when they need it! I love how it is color sorted….like a huge rainbow of a studio!

Next to her studio is the Classroom space and we easily fit 16 people in here.

Students busily preparing their triptychs!

This is a picture of the entire gang….what a super group! Talented and just great energy!

After the first day of class, this (below) is where Joan and I could be found! (And after the second day too!)

The triptychs that were created once again blew me away….such creativity with beautiful results! I always learn new tricks when I teach and will definitely try out a few new techniques when I am back in my studio. The jewel tones of each of these pieces put together is just beautiful!

Sorry that I didn't get pictures of them all but when I turned my camera around to avoid the glare, all of those pictures turned out weird like this,

The last day of the workshop was Oscar night and I printed out Oscar ballots for everyone for a contest….and Mary Jo was the big winner with 19 correct answers! She won the class sample!

Thanks to everyone who joined me for my workshop for my first (but not last) trip to Detroit . You all made it so very memorable…..and special thanks to Joan, hostess extraordinaire, who kept me well fed with her delicious cooking! I will be back!!!


3 thoughts on “Detroit, Part Deux

  1. First let me say yours is the first “blog” I have ever viewed! Who has time for all this?
    Secondly, it was SO my pleasure having you here!!!! You were a real trooper in our “winter wonderland”, which unfortunately continues as I speak. We will hold you to coming back—-every person in the class wants to come back—-several said 2 days wasn’t enough, of which I agree.
    Looking forward to seeing you at SAMA!
    Below are just a few of the quotes from your students.
    “Best workshop I’ve taken in ages! Laurie, you were so, so generous sharing your secrets and resources, and I will treasure my little “queen” name pin. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Come back to the Detroit area ANY time~!!!! Warmly, the other Karen O’Brien”

    “Thanks again for hosting Laurie’s workshop. I enjoyed every minute! Mary Miller”

    “THANK YOU for sharing your beautiful home and work space with all of us! It was such a joy and couldn’t’ have come at a better time for me. I definitely am interested in another workshop with Laura. Keep me informed! Jill Quillinan”

  2. Laurie…Detroit is my hometown! I spent half of my life in a suburb of Detroit. So happy to see that you’ve given your time and talent to my city…. Julie oxo

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