Happy New Year! This post is comprised of an odd assortment of art related activities that I was engaged in over the holidays which is typically a “down” time of year for my art business. Of course, we thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with our grand baby over the holidays. What a precious gift!IMG_0891

It was fun to rediscover the magic of the season as seen through the eyes of a one-year old! She loved looking at all of the holiday lights….and continually said “ooohhhh” while staring at the lights. I did carve out a few minutes to make a few holiday gifts for family members! Wish I had time to hand make something for everyone!IMG_0859IMG_0858

I also did two holiday shows, The Talmadge Art Show and Carmel Valley artists. It is always so nice seeing folks that I haven’t seen all year and it reminds me how much fun it is to do shows and see my artist buddies who are also vending.IMG_0670Last month I stopped by my friend and fellow mosaic artist, Monica Agnew’s house to meet Mireille Swinnen, a fabulous mosaic artist from Belgium who was teaching a workshop at Monica’s beautiful studio.

Obviously a mosaic artist lives here!

Obviously a mosaic artist lives here!

Mireille and I...

Mireille and I…

Monica’s studio is lovely with a beautiful view to the Pacific! A great space to create in!IMG_6007


Monica sitting amidst the smalti! (funny that autocorrected as smelt!)

Monica sitting amidst the smalti! (funny that autocorrected as smelt!)

I always love visiting artist’s studios and Monica’s was no exception! Speaking about studio spaces, my friend and art buddy, Lisa Guerin recently moved to Florida but before she left she had a huge sale of most of her studio belongings….and this was good stuff!

Lisa and her garage of treasures!

Lisa and her garage of treasures!

I ended up going to her house two days in a row to load things into our car, including another set of architectural flat files! ¬†Couldn’t pass them up….and they have been the impetus to clean up my studio to make room for them.IMG_0766


One load ready to go!

One load ready to go!



IMG_6021Lisa is a truly kind and generous soul and I will miss having her in So Cal ….we used to go to Stampington and the Carson Rubber Stamp Show together….and I am grateful for her friendship…..and for inspiring me to get my studio organized too!

Beginning the clean-up

Beginning the clean-up

My studio isn’t quite where I want it to be but I got too impatient and wanted/needed to start working on some artwork !! But I will come back to it…when I have a few more weeks to spare!IMG_0765We just recently returned from Texas where we spent two weeks at my in-laws home. Hard to believe they are 91! Truly inspirational….IMG_1307

They have a house full of things that I love so I decided to buy some Amazing Mold Putty while there and cast a few of their bronzes…..one can never have enough face molds!IMG_6190IMG_6187

When I returned home, I couldn’t wait to try them out with polymer clay…..and they turned out great!IMG_6272IMG_1576


I also spent some time painting over some of my collage sheets….this was so fun to do and I loved making the faces my own…..it was pretty addictive!IMG_2321IMG_6173IMG_1350So now I can turn those paint-overs into additional collage sheets to use in my work and they will be truly unique! Can’t wait to have some extra time to do a few more…..time seems to be a theme here! 2016 seems like it is already zooming by!

I just updated my Etsy shop…finally…..mycollage

and I  am heading out on the teaching trail once again with plenty of dates and locations to take a workshop! Check out my website to see where I will be!

Lastly I wanted to mention that we just released information about this year’s Tesoro del Corazon art retreat in beautiful San Miguel de Allende. I am pleased to announce that Katherine England will be joining us this year as our guest instructor…..her creative energy and mosaic magic will add a perfect touch to this year’s project, Casas del Corazon:

Casas del Corazon

Casas del Corazon

Again, wishing you all a very happy, healthy and super creative New Year!







6 thoughts on “Odd-sortments!

  1. Im so glad that I signed up to receive an email for when you post. Its always so much fun to see what you are up to. Happy New Year to you, too. Yes, Larry said yesterday, that he cant believe it is almost Feb. Zoooooom! Life :) I thought I heard you honk when you drove past my house in Texas!!! xo Laura

  2. Thanks so much for the post. I really enjoy and admire your work. I want to sign up for the polymer clay online art retreat with Ilysa and Kira, specifically to learn from you!

    Also, good to see someone’s studio looking so similar to mine!

  3. Happy New Year Laurie!!! Thank you for letting us be part of your creative life. I wish I lived closer so I would also go to your friend’s sale! I am so excited that Mireille is coming to teach at my studio this year! I loved your photos from her class! You inspire me every time I see your art blog! I hope this year I can go to one of your workshops.
    Enjoy the sweetness or your cute granddaughter!

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