May Days    May 02 2024
I have been loving every second in my studio these past few weeks (in between enjoying the company of our two new grandbabies). Working on this new series which incorporates AI generated imagery which is then altered and transferred onto polymer clay and then combined with collage has been thoroughly engrossing and enjoyable. My mind is reeling with possibilities and I am just waiting to carve out more time in my studio to see the images in my mind translated onto panel boards. I have also been experimenting with larger surfaces and the challenges and limitations that come when working with polymer clay pieces that need to fit in a standard sized oven to cure. I have explored some interesting work-arounds that help alleviate some of these issues. I will be taking new work to Pop Gallery in Santa Fe, check it out if you are in the area!

Springing forward!    March 04 2024
First off, I just wanted to offer my thanks to ALL who purchased my art at the Artburst Studios show and sale. Your support is truly appreciated. I was thrilled that 5 pieces sold especially since they represented the new direction that my work has taken. I am excited about this new path that incorporates some AI imagery to create both my polymer clay figures and the background collage papers. I am hoping to work on a larger scale as well though that provides lots of challenges when it comes to using polymer clay. My piece called The Illuminated Raven was accepted into The Crow Show at The Studio Door Gallery in San Diego, this wonderful show runs the month of March. I also had two works accepted into the Twenty 20 Gallery show called A.I.O.K.-The Lens vs.The Machine:A Dialogue in Pixels from March 11-June 8. 2024.

Artburst Studios    February 06 2024
The Artburst Studios ( next online art show will open at 9:00am (PST) on February 22nd thru Feb. 24th. There will be over 240 wonderful pieces of art in a variety of mediums created by 20 very talented artists. Work sells very quickly in the first few hours. It is advisable to register for a free account before the show opens in case you find artwork you can't live without! I have created 12 new pieces for the show ranging in size from 8 inches to 24 inches high and everything in between! This new body of work reflects my continued interest in combining collage with polymer clay to create narrative works of art. Enjoy the show!!

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