Fall News    October 02 2011
Just taught a wonderful workshop at Stamping Details this past weekend, thanks to the many nice students who showed up! Things are definitely quieting down now with the travel and teaching, so I will be able to spend more time in my studio the next few months; I am really looking forward to that as I have lots of ideas that I can't wait to try out. I also have all kind of little doo-dads that I have collected during my travels that I can't wait to use. I have finally added some new artwork to the Gallery, that was long overdue! Unfortunately, two of the galleries where I have had work have both had to close in the past few month.....which is very sad. I will be in a show or two this Fall, so do check back for dates and times. My first task at hand is cleaning up my studio so I can see what I am doing! Off to do that now!

a wonderful summer!    September 01 2011
Wow, it was a great summer! Began with travels up to Oregon in our motorhome. We spent a week in Yosemite, the falls were spectacular!Then it was up to Grant's Pass where I had a chance to see fellow artist and friend, Karen O'Brien.It was so fun to see her studio and artwork, very inspiring! Then we visited Crater Lake, and fell in love with it. You would be hard pressed to find a natural site more beautiful. After that we headed to Eugene, Salem and finally Portland. Had so much fun there, love that city! Then we headed down the coast of Oregon for the trek home. Arrived home and had a week to unpack and repack for the Middle East. We flew to Dubai and then to Jordan and finally Egypt. Too much to write about it, but suffice it to say that it was the trip of a lifetime. Wonderful seeing the ancient sites and witnessing the current history unfold in Cairo. So now I am finally back in my studio...getting ready for Art is You, Petaluma in mid-September! It will be a great event and I hope to see you there!

Nearly June....    May 25 2011
Wow, it has been a whirlwind of travel and wonderful creative adventures the past 6 weeks beginning with Artfest, which was of course fabulous, like every year. That was quickly followed by our retreat in San Miguel de Allende, which was followed by Santa Fe, which was followed by CREATE in Costa Mesa. Next stop Oakland at the Institute of Mosaic Art for a two day workshop. Then it is summer and I switch gears and will not be teaching until September, where you will find me at Art is...Petaluma. However, many great travel adventures await this summer, including a trip to Egypt and Jordan!

Hola!    April 26 2011
Just back from our mini art retreat in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It could not have been better! The classes produced amazing artwork, the weather was great, the festivities related to Holy Week were incredible....but best of all was the wonderful group of people who took a leap of faith and came with us for our inaugural trip. Everyone was so nice and considerate....all 28 of us hung out all the time together!! Now that says something! We were one happy family creating art in one of the most charming places on Earth! It was so great that we have already planned a return visit to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos (day of the dead)Nov. 1-2 in 2012! Already getting excited just planning our next adventure in San Miguel. This week I am off to Santa Fe...another favorite place....I know I will return home super inspired and ready to create. Speaking of creating, I will be teaching at the CREATE retreat in Costa Mesa May 18-21. Hope to see you there...or in San Miguel! For more information about our next trip to San Miguel, email me or visit Jane La Fazio's site (www.plainjanestudio.com).

Almost April....    March 30 2011
Well it is almost April but I have had a wonderful March because I was in my studio most of the month! I just finished a large mosaic inspired by my recent trip to Israel. Framed it is 4 feet by 2 and a half feet...enormous for me! I am really happy with the way that it turned out because it really captures the essence of my trip there. I was also inspired to start an aboriginal-type piece inspired by my trip to Australia. It is amazing what I can accomplish when I stay home! However, it is the beginning of busy times again with Artfest next week followed by our trip to San Miguel de Allende for our mini art retreat. Looking forward to the adventures that await....

home again, home again    February 10 2011
Back from an awe inspiring trip to Israel. Learned SO much about the culture and the people. I also made so many wonderful and talented new friends. I can't begin to thank Pinki for organizing it and taking such good care of us! I hope to go back one day.... Just wanted to let you also know that we still have room in our San Miguel de Allende art retreat in April...now is the time to sign up for this once in a lifetime opportunity to soak up all of the charm of this beautiful colonial town...and to create art! Does it get any better? Email me for more info....

A Happy New Year    January 06 2011
Well, 2011 promises to be another action packed year filled with travel and adventure! First stop is Israel where I will be teaching throughout the country in various towns. My students will be comprised of members of the Israeli polymer clay guild. This will be an exciting trip as I have never been there before and I am so looking forward to soaking up the history of this ancient area....and to meeting new friends. My sister will accompany me once again as my trusty assistant. That trip is quickly followed by a visit to Austin to attend the Society of American Mosaic Artists annual conference. My mosaic, Katrina, was selected to be a part of the Mosaic Arts International exhibition which will be held at the Mexican American Cultural Center, so that will be exciting. Katrina, is a mosaic with a Day of the Dead theme, so it will be very much at home in this show! And Austin is such a cool city...and weird! I think I will have some time in my studio in March! More later...

The Holidaze!    December 02 2010
Once again it is that time of year, how does that happen!! After celebrating our son's marriage and Thanksgiving, I have found some time to sneak into my studio. I have been working on some new smaller pieces for the Carmel Valley Artists show which is this Saturday. I have posted new work on my site as well. This Saturday evening is the opening reception for Brooch the Subject, a brooch/wearable art show at the Next Door Gallery in South Park. I have a few brooches in the show. Love the theme! Lots of exciting travel is planned for the first half of the year beginning with a teaching trip to Israel in January. I am really looking forward to this trip and to traveling someplace where I have never been. I am also looking forward to our mini mixed media retreat in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. For more information, please email me or check the link under the workshop tab. I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday filled with family and friends...and all the best in the coming year!

Summer/Fall news    October 19 2010
Okay, September disappeared altogether! The month started off with a trip to Valley Ridge in Wisconsin...an amazing time in an amazing location with the ever lovely Kathy as our hostess. It was a perfect 4 days, aside from running into a deer...or as Kathy said, having a deer run into us. Caused quite a bit of damage but fortunately all of us were OK and so seemed the deer who disappeared into the cornfield. A week later I was teaching in the south of France at Creatives Corbieres with 4 other instructors from the States (and my sister as my trusty assistant). So fun, so beautiful and such nice hosts in Kylee and Andy. The last stop was Normandy, France where we had a wonderful time getting to know Natalie's family, living in her house for 5 days prior to the workshop! Had a fantastic time including a trip to Mont Saint Michel. Natalie was a wonderful tour guide. Then more fun was had moving to the hotel on the beach where the workshop was held. Just a magical time with wonderful new friends. We made it out of France the day before the strike! Whew....what a world wind, now it is time to settle back in and prepare for our son's wedding!

And so the summer ends...    August 30 2010
As summer comes to a close, I would like to thank all of the wonderful students in my many classes over the past month. Our RV "magic mosaic tour" (lol) was wonderful. We started off at Art Unraveled in Phoenix, it was so nice to see old friends and wonderful to make new friends. It was hot, but that didn't stop anyone from enjoying themselves. I took an amazing workshop with Lisa Renner and that was a big treat to myself. Next stop was teaching to the Houston Polymer Clay Guild, though we had a few talented mosaic artists in the workshop as well! Many thanks to Patricia and Jill for putting that together. Next stop on the tour was Austin, you have to love that Keep Austin Weird vibe about the city. We camped in a pecan grove right in the middle of town! Had a fun time teaching at Suzan Germond's incredible mosaic studio. The last stop on the trip was teaching to the mixed media crowd at Stamp Antonio Arts in San Antonio. Carol and Amy went out of their way to extend a warm Texas welcome...it was a fantastic two days of workshops with many talented artists! So now that summer comes to a close, it is on to Fall adventures. First stop in 2 weeks is Valley Ridge in Wisconsin (there is still room!).....stay tuned!